How to access Webmail (direct from the server)

You need to start by logging into your webmail. You do this by going to your website address and then typing ‘webmail’ at the end of the domain name in the address bar. You then press enter.



Your login page will then appear. You will need to place in your sign in information. You will input your email address and password in the text fields. These fields are very sensitive, so please make sure that you don’t copy in blank spaces when inputting the email address or passwords, otherwise you won’t be able to login.

Webmail login

This will take you to the main webmail screen.
There are two important buttons to note here.
1. RoundCube
The first, which is located in the middle of the screen is ‘RoundCube’. We recommend you use this for your email system. Simply click the button and start using the email system as you would do any other email system you already use. Any email you send out from the server will automatically be sent from your business email.
2. Configure Mail Client
The second button to note is the ‘Configure Mail Client’ button. This is directly below the ‘RoundCube’ button. This is where you can use auto-configuration to set up your email on a 3rd party device (such as an iPhone, Gmail, Outlook Express, etc.).

There is more information about this here: Setting up emails using IMAP or POP3